Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Christmas Tree!!

I want to explain what I believe Christmas is! I love Christmas.. It is such a beautiful holiday!It is a time to have family gather together and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! I am so greatful for this holiday! I get to spend this time with my husband my children my grandchildren my brothers & sisters and my Parents! What a special day to spend it with them. I believe in Jesus Christ! I believe that He once lived on this earth and blessed us all! Let me tell you about a Christmas in 2000, My children and I gathered in our van and drove the 4 hours to SJ to have Christmas with my Mom and Dad! It was great! We laughed and we exchanged gifts. We even decorated the Christmas tree together. We placed lights garland, tinsil and bulbs on the tree.The Christmas tree was so beautiful. We even sat around the tree and strung popcorn and placed it on the tree. I will never ever forget this Christmas! I remember night my mom was walking down the hall and joined us in the livingroom, she was wearing a long tshirt and her pajama bottoms. She looked so beautiful! I remember studying her face closely, the laugh lines around her eyes, the color of her hair. That was our last Christmas we celebrated with my Mom. I am so greatful for the memories of that Christmas.But today when we gather as a family for Christmas, we laugh, we exchange gifts and we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! Last night I sat with my 2 grandsons and carried on a tradition I had started with my children when they were little. We sat a painted Christmas tree ornaments to hang on our Beautiful Christmas tree! I painted ornaments with my children when my children were little. One of them is a raindeer painted black, my son was so young he mixed all the colors together before he painted it. Those are the most precious and Valuable things that I own. We took pictures of this Christmas tree before and after the the decorations. It is so beautiful.

I do this because I love them. I tell them every chance I get how much I love them! I show them with hugs and laughter. I feel that I treat them with respect. We put up Christmas decorations on the tree and outside of our home. We spend time together. We are creating memories! Just like the memories I have from the Christmas of 2000!

Christmas means something diffrent to everyone. The Christmas tree to me means Peace Love and Family! The Angel we place on top of the tree is the Angel who represents His birth. Or the star on top of the tree is the star that was in the sky at His birth. The ornaments are my MEMORIES.

I know Jesus Christ loves me! I know that he knows me individually. He knows my thoughts my actions and my beliefs. He knows that I Love him! And I choose to celebrate Christmas by putting up a Christmas Tree with my Family, and I know he does not judge me for that.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Its still sunny at the Lake!

Look at this picture and try to decide if its sunny or gloomy at the lake. I guess its kinda like the questions " is the glass half empty or half full?" I love this picture very much, and it makes me think about life. You can look at this picture and see the dark skys and cold water at the end of the boardwalk, or you can look at the whole beauty of the photo. I guess I choose to look at the picture as being "Sunny at the Lake!"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am Offically a Blogger!

Hi Family and Friends of Mine!

Ok here I am! Wow I never thought I would ever be a blogger! But I think this might be fun. Try and stay in touch with my loved ones. This is going to be short and sweet but I am putting this out there! I love you all.. My family and I are doing really well. Love you all Leeann