Monday, June 15, 2009


Where do I start with my daughter SAMANTHA?? Hmmmm??? Let me start by saying what a beautiful daughter she is. Inside and out! She is an amazing young woman.
Unfortunately she is no longer a child.Where does time go? I remember her being this wild blonde haired little girl running full force around the house, me yelling at her to slow down. She was very INDEPENDENT then and is still TODAY.

I will say She loves to be babied at any opportunity she gets. (Can you say hy-po-chon-driac?) lol
But the funny thing is, is that when she really is sick she will hardly say a word. But when she is perfectly healthy she comes up with some wild conditions that her body is wracked with. Lol I do believe she had the swine flu, TWICE. =)

In all of this teasing I want to say what a BEAUTIFUL person Samantha is. She has had to deal with a lot of trials in her life at a young age. I have seen her STRENGTH. And I am truly AMAZED by it. Samantha is a great daughter, wonderful sister and will be a marvelous mother some day.

I LOVE this beautiful blonde hair child of mine so much. I have loved her since the moment I laid eyes on her. Even when She was running around the house telling me that she doesn’t have to slow down. Samantha still is running around this crazy life being the beautiful women that she is FULL FORCE.

I am PROUD of her and I am GRATEFUL she is my daughter. Love, Mom!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Cody Brenden! (aka Code-Ace) My Youngest Child! The young man who will always be my Baby! No matter how old he gets! It Breaks my heart that my 13 year old son is as old as he is! I wish he was small again wanting to cuddle with his Momma! But no, here he is a 13 year old 7th grader and likes "GIRLS"! What the heck?! Who are these girls that like my baby?? All I know is that there are several girls and truth be told there have been fights at school involving girls who think they should be Codys G.F.!! And he loves it! This sweet little boy who use to love sitting on my lap with his Blankie, and watch cartoons. It was never ending with the hugs and kisses with him!

But now he likes to text his friends on his cell and play his PS3. He loves to play football and wrestle UFC style with his older brother Bobby! Hang out at the park with his nephews.. He loves to watch UFC and Supernatural.

I will tell you when he thinks its just us! His Momma and him, he will come up, hug me kiss me and tell me how much he loves me! Sooo I pray I will Forever Be His Number One Gal! =)
I love you Code-Ace (aka my baby)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Oldest Son Bobby!

I want to talk a little bit about Bobby! My 16 year old Son, and Future MMA Fighter!

What can I say about this Awesome Young Man! He is such a wonderful Son and Brother.

He is always looking out for his Brother and Sisters!

Everything he attempt in this life he excells at. He Loves Football, he likes cross country racing, he Loves wrestling, and his new hobby is now learning and LOVES is to fight MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) style.

Now every single bone in my body screams at me, being a mother, that this is not something that I should allow. That this Wonderful son of mine can get seriously hurt. But I see the passion Bobby has for this sport. And I know that he puts everything he has into which ever sport he is interested in. Bobby has never done anything half way! And he really is very GOOD at this.

His coach loves him and is so excited when Bobby comes to practice. He talks about how much potential Bobby has for this sport and how hard he works at it! All the long hours he puts in at home and the gym with his coaches. And knowing Bobby I know that this is true.. For example During practice one night Bobby wrestled a 20 year old man who is training to be a fireman. Bobby made him "TAP OUT".. (that is a good thing in case you were not sure!)

He wont be able to fight in a acutal fight until he is officially 18 years old. That is ok with me. But I enjoy watching him learn and excell at this. I do try not to get to loud during his practice. So not to embarass him to bad. To watch him do this and to put so much into it, its hard to say "No". I am so proud of Bobby! He is a wonderful son.

Soo who knows maybe you will be seeing him fighting with the big boys UFC Fighters Coutore and Griffin. My personal Favorites! I love you Boo! Love Mom

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Daughter Sadi!

I wanted to share this blog Sadi wrote! She put it on her myspace. So I stole it! She is so dang sweet! I am so Blessed and Greatful to have the family that I have. They are my everything. I just wanted to share this with you all. I love you all very much! Love Leeann

The name-Sandra D. Tinney.I'd like it better if you just call me Sadi;]I'm 15 and go to one of the GAYEST schools in the country.I love my family, and I can't live without my close friends.I want to prove to myself I can be the best I can be.I'm the biggest NEAT~FREAK, and I'm extremly bossy![[not to my friends though, mainly at home]]I have TONS of imperfections and I know that.[[we're all our own worst judges, so don't point out my flaws please,]]Like...YEAH NO DUH I KNOW IM MISSING A TOOTH, THANKS ALOT CAPT.OBVIOUS.I love horses, and my family makes fun of me for it ALL the time.[[well and Chanelle.]]I love country&rock music, and I'm addicted to listening to Taylor Swift's songs over,and over again.[[yeah sad huh?]]I love my parents.My Dad is my hero, and everyone else's.:D [[don't call him a "PO-PO" in front of me I REALLY hate it.]]My Mom is my best friend and she's pretty much amazing, and she's so beautiful!SOOO this could go on forever.So I'll stop here.Just write me if you'd really like to know more about my so-much for exciting life.
My family means the world to me!I really couldn't live without all of them!Even if one was missing our faimly still would never be the same.We all help eachother out with anything that needs done,even if we secretly don't want to.We might fight alot,but we all know that "family always comes first".I mostly get along with Bobby and Amanda,Bobby is my protector,he's always watching out for me, and hes really sweet,he always rubs my feet. lol.Amanda is like my guidence she's the one with the stong testimony.Cody is my little brother and, now that he is getting older we get along alot better!He's a cutie!:D and he always makes me laugh!Sam is my eagle eye,she's always making sure I'am safe,and she always makes sure I have my cell phone in case i get "kiddnapped" haha she's funny.:DMy parents are my EVERYHTING!Without these people i would be,lost,unprotected,with sore feet.i would be un-guidedNever laughing,and kiddnapped.I WOULD HAVE NOTHING!

{Posted by Sadi Tinney Jan. 2009}

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Christmas Tree!!

I want to explain what I believe Christmas is! I love Christmas.. It is such a beautiful holiday!It is a time to have family gather together and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! I am so greatful for this holiday! I get to spend this time with my husband my children my grandchildren my brothers & sisters and my Parents! What a special day to spend it with them. I believe in Jesus Christ! I believe that He once lived on this earth and blessed us all! Let me tell you about a Christmas in 2000, My children and I gathered in our van and drove the 4 hours to SJ to have Christmas with my Mom and Dad! It was great! We laughed and we exchanged gifts. We even decorated the Christmas tree together. We placed lights garland, tinsil and bulbs on the tree.The Christmas tree was so beautiful. We even sat around the tree and strung popcorn and placed it on the tree. I will never ever forget this Christmas! I remember night my mom was walking down the hall and joined us in the livingroom, she was wearing a long tshirt and her pajama bottoms. She looked so beautiful! I remember studying her face closely, the laugh lines around her eyes, the color of her hair. That was our last Christmas we celebrated with my Mom. I am so greatful for the memories of that Christmas.But today when we gather as a family for Christmas, we laugh, we exchange gifts and we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! Last night I sat with my 2 grandsons and carried on a tradition I had started with my children when they were little. We sat a painted Christmas tree ornaments to hang on our Beautiful Christmas tree! I painted ornaments with my children when my children were little. One of them is a raindeer painted black, my son was so young he mixed all the colors together before he painted it. Those are the most precious and Valuable things that I own. We took pictures of this Christmas tree before and after the the decorations. It is so beautiful.

I do this because I love them. I tell them every chance I get how much I love them! I show them with hugs and laughter. I feel that I treat them with respect. We put up Christmas decorations on the tree and outside of our home. We spend time together. We are creating memories! Just like the memories I have from the Christmas of 2000!

Christmas means something diffrent to everyone. The Christmas tree to me means Peace Love and Family! The Angel we place on top of the tree is the Angel who represents His birth. Or the star on top of the tree is the star that was in the sky at His birth. The ornaments are my MEMORIES.

I know Jesus Christ loves me! I know that he knows me individually. He knows my thoughts my actions and my beliefs. He knows that I Love him! And I choose to celebrate Christmas by putting up a Christmas Tree with my Family, and I know he does not judge me for that.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Its still sunny at the Lake!

Look at this picture and try to decide if its sunny or gloomy at the lake. I guess its kinda like the questions " is the glass half empty or half full?" I love this picture very much, and it makes me think about life. You can look at this picture and see the dark skys and cold water at the end of the boardwalk, or you can look at the whole beauty of the photo. I guess I choose to look at the picture as being "Sunny at the Lake!"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am Offically a Blogger!

Hi Family and Friends of Mine!

Ok here I am! Wow I never thought I would ever be a blogger! But I think this might be fun. Try and stay in touch with my loved ones. This is going to be short and sweet but I am putting this out there! I love you all.. My family and I are doing really well. Love you all Leeann