Monday, June 15, 2009


Where do I start with my daughter SAMANTHA?? Hmmmm??? Let me start by saying what a beautiful daughter she is. Inside and out! She is an amazing young woman.
Unfortunately she is no longer a child.Where does time go? I remember her being this wild blonde haired little girl running full force around the house, me yelling at her to slow down. She was very INDEPENDENT then and is still TODAY.

I will say She loves to be babied at any opportunity she gets. (Can you say hy-po-chon-driac?) lol
But the funny thing is, is that when she really is sick she will hardly say a word. But when she is perfectly healthy she comes up with some wild conditions that her body is wracked with. Lol I do believe she had the swine flu, TWICE. =)

In all of this teasing I want to say what a BEAUTIFUL person Samantha is. She has had to deal with a lot of trials in her life at a young age. I have seen her STRENGTH. And I am truly AMAZED by it. Samantha is a great daughter, wonderful sister and will be a marvelous mother some day.

I LOVE this beautiful blonde hair child of mine so much. I have loved her since the moment I laid eyes on her. Even when She was running around the house telling me that she doesn’t have to slow down. Samantha still is running around this crazy life being the beautiful women that she is FULL FORCE.

I am PROUD of her and I am GRATEFUL she is my daughter. Love, Mom!


Tiffany said...

So sweet!! I love her too. I remember her and her little skinny feet, always tippy toeing around!

Amanda said...

Awe Sam...can't live with her, can't liver without her :) just kidding, I'm so proud of her. Lol, Tytan has skinny feet and walks on his tippy toes, it reminds me so much of Sam :)

Bob Tinney said...

LeeAnn, You will always be my world and such a huge part of this entire make up of our Family. I will love you forever my Beautiful Wife. No matter what happens ahead ....My heart is yours...we will be together always in our hearts. I miss you every passing day. You were my best friend and no one will ever understand that nor will they understand how strong my love is for you. Please be safe and protect your heart Honey. These pages of this blog are a reminder of the love you have had for our Family. I will forever live among these memories with you and of you and our precious children. I love you....Your ex-Husband....Bob.