Thursday, April 16, 2009


Cody Brenden! (aka Code-Ace) My Youngest Child! The young man who will always be my Baby! No matter how old he gets! It Breaks my heart that my 13 year old son is as old as he is! I wish he was small again wanting to cuddle with his Momma! But no, here he is a 13 year old 7th grader and likes "GIRLS"! What the heck?! Who are these girls that like my baby?? All I know is that there are several girls and truth be told there have been fights at school involving girls who think they should be Codys G.F.!! And he loves it! This sweet little boy who use to love sitting on my lap with his Blankie, and watch cartoons. It was never ending with the hugs and kisses with him!

But now he likes to text his friends on his cell and play his PS3. He loves to play football and wrestle UFC style with his older brother Bobby! Hang out at the park with his nephews.. He loves to watch UFC and Supernatural.

I will tell you when he thinks its just us! His Momma and him, he will come up, hug me kiss me and tell me how much he loves me! Sooo I pray I will Forever Be His Number One Gal! =)
I love you Code-Ace (aka my baby)


Lesli said...

You forgot to mention what a jokester he is! He is good friend to his cousins too (Trent)! He is a great kid! We sure love him!

Amanda said...

LOL, This kid cracks me up! I love his sense of humor. And the boys absolutely LOVE Cody and Bobby, whenever we go to the "pink" house, they make sure that they're going to be there so they can watch them play their games :)