Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Oldest Son Bobby!

I want to talk a little bit about Bobby! My 16 year old Son, and Future MMA Fighter!

What can I say about this Awesome Young Man! He is such a wonderful Son and Brother.

He is always looking out for his Brother and Sisters!

Everything he attempt in this life he excells at. He Loves Football, he likes cross country racing, he Loves wrestling, and his new hobby is now learning and LOVES is to fight MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) style.

Now every single bone in my body screams at me, being a mother, that this is not something that I should allow. That this Wonderful son of mine can get seriously hurt. But I see the passion Bobby has for this sport. And I know that he puts everything he has into which ever sport he is interested in. Bobby has never done anything half way! And he really is very GOOD at this.

His coach loves him and is so excited when Bobby comes to practice. He talks about how much potential Bobby has for this sport and how hard he works at it! All the long hours he puts in at home and the gym with his coaches. And knowing Bobby I know that this is true.. For example During practice one night Bobby wrestled a 20 year old man who is training to be a fireman. Bobby made him "TAP OUT".. (that is a good thing in case you were not sure!)

He wont be able to fight in a acutal fight until he is officially 18 years old. That is ok with me. But I enjoy watching him learn and excell at this. I do try not to get to loud during his practice. So not to embarass him to bad. To watch him do this and to put so much into it, its hard to say "No". I am so proud of Bobby! He is a wonderful son.

Soo who knows maybe you will be seeing him fighting with the big boys UFC Fighters Coutore and Griffin. My personal Favorites! I love you Boo! Love Mom


Tiffany said...

You are one brave Mama!! LOL I love that Bobby still gives me kisses when he sees me. He is a great kid. I love him! A little scary this is to me! :) I hate watching fighting! its yucky! But I might make an exception for Him!! xoxoxox

Love Lorri said...

I happen to agree, scary! Unfortunatly there are lots of things kids do that are scary that we dont even know about! I'd rather know and be able to watch than not know!
Bobby is an adorable boy! My girls think he is HOT like we used to thiink the CHandlers were Hot! (In a cousin sorta way! hehe)
I have not heard from you for ages, I guess your alright you wrote this great post!
Love ya

The Tanners said...

That is so cool for Bobby! I will have to tell Diana, so she can pass it on to her little friends too.

Amanda said...

He's so awesome :) I love him!