Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Daughter Sadi!

I wanted to share this blog Sadi wrote! She put it on her myspace. So I stole it! She is so dang sweet! I am so Blessed and Greatful to have the family that I have. They are my everything. I just wanted to share this with you all. I love you all very much! Love Leeann

The name-Sandra D. Tinney.I'd like it better if you just call me Sadi;]I'm 15 and go to one of the GAYEST schools in the country.I love my family, and I can't live without my close friends.I want to prove to myself I can be the best I can be.I'm the biggest NEAT~FREAK, and I'm extremly bossy![[not to my friends though, mainly at home]]I have TONS of imperfections and I know that.[[we're all our own worst judges, so don't point out my flaws please,]]Like...YEAH NO DUH I KNOW IM MISSING A TOOTH, THANKS ALOT CAPT.OBVIOUS.I love horses, and my family makes fun of me for it ALL the time.[[well and Chanelle.]]I love country&rock music, and I'm addicted to listening to Taylor Swift's songs over,and over again.[[yeah sad huh?]]I love my parents.My Dad is my hero, and everyone else's.:D [[don't call him a "PO-PO" in front of me I REALLY hate it.]]My Mom is my best friend and she's pretty much amazing, and she's so beautiful!SOOO this could go on forever.So I'll stop here.Just write me if you'd really like to know more about my so-much for exciting life.
My family means the world to me!I really couldn't live without all of them!Even if one was missing our faimly still would never be the same.We all help eachother out with anything that needs done,even if we secretly don't want to.We might fight alot,but we all know that "family always comes first".I mostly get along with Bobby and Amanda,Bobby is my protector,he's always watching out for me, and hes really sweet,he always rubs my feet. lol.Amanda is like my guidence she's the one with the stong testimony.Cody is my little brother and, now that he is getting older we get along alot better!He's a cutie!:D and he always makes me laugh!Sam is my eagle eye,she's always making sure I'am safe,and she always makes sure I have my cell phone in case i get "kiddnapped" haha she's funny.:DMy parents are my EVERYHTING!Without these people i would be,lost,unprotected,with sore feet.i would be un-guidedNever laughing,and kiddnapped.I WOULD HAVE NOTHING!

{Posted by Sadi Tinney Jan. 2009}


Tiffany said...

K that is the cutest thing EVER!!!

The Tanners said...

Such a sweetie!

Nate T.

Amy said...

Precious! And you truly are a beautiful mom!

Amy said... don't age do you!?!?!?

Shayla said...

I love it! I agree with her that you are beautiful. I don't agree with her on the school thing, though--C'mon Sadie Coronado isn't that bad is it?


Texas Tanners said...

I love hearing about your family and how they interact and the roles they play in each other's lives. You guys are great and I agree LeeAnn you are a great Mom!

Amanda said...

Mom, I've never read this before....I'm so lucky to have a great sister :)...and mom;0)